Jarvis – Artificial intelligence and voice assistant hits a new mile stone: 10,000 voice commands processed

When writing this post, i am filled with excitement and happiness, we have hit a new mile stone with in 7 days, check the current status of jarvis in this own app page. We have got 570 active users and installation rate of 100+ users per day. Today i have decided to customise the experience even better, it feels like i have really acheived something.In the future days, we will fine tune the jarvis voice command system and improve the natural language processing skills.

But some users have reported they cant find their own languages such as french and russian, some even gave 1 star review, its hurtful though 🙁 . But i am glad that we are making progress, at this day i am the single developer who made all the designs, android as well as server app, if we can grow at this rate then i am thinking of hiring a designer.

Do you need any feature to be added to jarvis? leave your thoughts on comments.