Came up with a crazy idea to build iron man arc reactor for android.

Yesterday i have made a update for my app JARVIS – Artificial intelligence & voice assistant, i had made a real good animation on the front screen. Since as the book rework says sell your by products, i came up with this crazy idea

the jarvis ui looked like this

i thought i could have this on my tshirt and feel like ironman, so i just got all the assets from jarvis app and shifted in to a new app, the svg formats had a lot of flexibility.So i came up with this. An ironman arc reactor for android, never knew this ui can be reused.

This looked extremely good, and i had added some sound effects to make the arc reactor little bit realistic.If you want to tryout this stuff you could download it from here. I had shared this idea with reddit community, got upvotes, it made me even happy 🙂 , atlast it gave me hope to move forward in the journey of entrepreneurship.

I am excited to see where it takes me 🙂


  1. tried this app, looking so cool. is there way you to change the color of the reactor?

  2. the reactor is not visible during day light, where could i adjust brightness?

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