Today i have came up with the design for arc reactor of mark 1. If you didnt know what i am writing about, let me clear that up for you. Its about my brand new app iron man arc reactor. In last week i have been working to improve my current ironman equivalent version of jarvis, so today i thought of introducing a new arc reactor to my app users. When i started Lionosur, i did to get me a bike, but soon it grew out to be a brand, i believe the same would happen to this app too, i have got 5 star positive reviews out of 10 installs. so lets get back to topic, seems like i got out of the flow, i do that often…

Here is MARK 1


And here is another feature.

You can now swipe between the arc reactors to switch the view. I am planning to publish mark v 2 , mark v3 with the plan to edit the color of the reactor which i think would be the great feature to add. Let me know your thoughts on this, i am not very good at blog writing and organising stuff, please bear if i made any mistakes in writing this post.

P.s: By the way if you need real jarvis, you could download the app from here , free up to Nov 8 2019.

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