Realised something new

I have always pushing myself too hard, in most of the cases it gave me good results but in some it pushed me towards depression and social anxiety, i have always been comparing myself with other people and craved to become the smartest. I feel regret for judging people based on their intellectual capability, i feel the solution to my problem lies with in myself, i am already doing great and at a good pace, knowledge is meant to be shared and i should stop  judging people.  I really want to stop my jealousy nature, i know it cant be stopped in a day but i will try to stop it.

Oh crap! there goes my daily dose of advice to myself in a single paragraph, anyway i am currently started to read mathematics constantly, stuck on some idiotic concept called bezouts identity while reading through CLRS,i was stuck there for around 2 days, unable to clear it up, but when i do this turns to be my first video on my youtube channel

signing off with lot of curiosity to explore 🙂 and probably end up watching the brooklyn nine nine series 😀 :evil_face

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