wasted time but realised what to do

i have wasted the entire week by watching movies and all other nonsense stuff. But i just realised how to start my app, make a startup or something on my own, the stanford videos showing the real experiences from the founders is actually great, i need to focus on something, i have launched my idea swipeousr which got only one signup which is great since i have targetted a audience with no filters, they are previous shopzy users actually. So what i am about to do is to run the experiment on google ads this week, i am about to spend 500 rupees for that, i think this would be my first investment in my startup career, for the sake of god i need to stop watching the movies. I have switched to my nokia handset again, need to start any aerobic exercise from tomorrow to keep me alive.

I am going to delete my fb account soon, already did that with instagram and i am pretty happy with that.
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